Software Packages for Finite Element Analysis

Your all-in-one FEM solutions for consistent and efficient civil engineering

The SOFiSTiK FEM packages are customized solutions that build upon the proven SOFiSTiK finite element technology for structural analysis according to the finite element method. Based on an open system architecture, the powerful FE programs offer seamless workflows for all needs of modern civil engineering. The application area of the finite element solutions ranges from simple 2D slab design to 3D building and bridge design, from open, native and integrated BIM to big and small BIM.

All FEM packages include suitable code check modules for Eurocodes and many other standards, as well as complete and interactive post-processing and high-performance 64-bit solvers. Versatile input options, from parametric input via the AutoCAD® add-on SOFiPLUS to BIM planning with Autodesk® Revit®, round off the FEM packages and provide civil engineers with the appropriate tools to successfully implement construction projects of any scale.

This is what our finite element analysis software offers you

Safety - Quality

Cost-effectiveness - Efficiency

Openness - Adaptivity

Our packages for finite element analysis

3D FEM professional

The package for BIM analysis
and 3D design

3D FEM premium

The solution for
challenging projects

3D FEM ultimate / 50

The high-end packages
for structural engineering

We offer flexible license models for the SOFiSTiK FEM packages, including purchase, subscription and single-/multi-user licenses. Calculation modules can be shared by multiple users for efficient use. Thanks to our modular software conceptadditional modules for more specialized applications may be added as needed, such as for: Earthquake, dynamic loads, soil-structure interaction, multicore and more.

The structural analysis FEM packages at a glance

Analytical Model Generator*
Automatic Generation & Revision of the Analytical Model in Revit

Modelling with AutoCAD & Revit

Import/Export of calculation model (IFC and SAF)

Linear Analysis
3D FE Beam-, shell-, slab- and membrane elements

3D R/C design in ULS and SLS
(BS EN 1992-1-1/NA:2005, US ACI-318-14 among others)

Material non-linearities for 2D slab-elements acc.
to Eurocode for realistic deflections and most economic design

Steel design acc. to Eurocode
(EE, EP for sectional classes 1-3)

Member Design
for e.g. columns, steel columns (incl. stability checks)

Predesign for shear walls and building cores

Graphically interactive plot and table generation
Output also to .docx and Excel export

Nonlinear beam elements & supports
with compression-only bedding for slabs

Construction Stage Simulation

Second-order Analysis

Volume elements
Linear Analysis

Construction stages & time-dependent effects
for hybrid systems and cross-sectional stages

Third-order Analysis
for cable elements and buckling analysis

Pre- and post-tensioning for beam- & shell-elements

ULS and SLS design
and stress checks for composite- and post-tensioned sections

Parametrical graphical modeling
CABD Technologie (Computer Aided Bridge Design)

Intelligent Traffic Loads
Influence line evaluation and traffic load library (Road and Railway)




* More information about the Analytical Model Generator can be found here.
** Ultimate 50 comprises all features from the 3D FEM ultimate package with the limitation to a maximum project size of 50m x 50m x 20m.

Case Studies

Thu Thiem 2
  • Project : Thu Thiem 2 Bridge, Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam
  • Client : WSP Finland
  • Contractor : Freyssinet cie
  • Scope of works : Precamber analysis (fabrication shape), Geometry/Erection control

BR7 – Bridge

  • Project :BR7 – Bridge, Beer Sheva – Israel
  • Client : Shoval Yehudai Engineers Ltd, Tel Aviv – Israel / SOFiSTiK M-E
  • Scope of works : Form Finding for Suspension bridge, Staged Construction analysis

Kruunuvuori Bridge

  • Project : Kruunuvuoren Ssilta  / Kruunuvuori Bridge, Helsinki, Finland
  • Scope of works : Pylon Design, analysis and detailing
  • Client WSP

Radioportti underpass

  • Project : Radioportti underpass
  • Scope of works : Concept design check and parametrization
  • Client: Sitowise Ltd

Proof of Concept

  • Project: Roundabout project in Hanoi
  • Client: TRICC
  • Scope of work: Modeling & Analysis