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From design to build, Solibri puts you in control of model quality.

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Construction quality assurance and control

Solibri is founded on the concept of Open BIM. Solibri Office can import building models from all major BIM software products by using the standardized IFC interface. Solibri finds the problems and helps to solve them so they don’t become issues later on. We don’t only point out the problems that could appear at the construction phase. We also point out the other areas that can become a problem once the building is at use.

Ensure you meet the toughest quality requirements

Solibri’s quality checking is based on both pre-defined and customizable rules, out of which you select which ones to use. We offer the best pre-defined rules on the market for checking not only model quality, but much more – imagine the ability to consider everything regarding, for example, the comfort of use in your newly constructed building, including details like thoroughly planned accessibility or perfectly sized and angled parking spaces.

Key benefits

Cost savings

Confidence in calculating materials and resources based on the correct model data before the build. No on-site surprises, no additional costs.

Time savings

Less time spent reviewing issues that are found early on. Confidence in a robust model to support building.

Environmental savings

Less overspend thanks to the ability to take off material volumes and amounts. As a result, less waste from ordering unnecessary materials.

Minimizing controlling risks

Make quality a defacto standard in your workflow. Solibri is the industry leader and first to bring comprehensive QA/QC to the AECO industry.


Make sure your designs are usable over time. Build your projects on OpenBIM and IFC standards.

Increased collaboration

Combine different disciplines. Increase communication between stakeholders. Join our global community to learn from other users.

Feature highlights

Go beyond clash detection and take your BIM quality to the next level. Solibri offers a wider range of rules and rulesets than any other tool in the market: there are various rules for accessibility and clearance, revision and checking information between related components.

Solibri understands your role and offers you a set of customized rules and classifications to match your need. In addition, you can use the Solibri API to design rules that match your company, project, local or national needs.

Use grouping, i.e., classifications, to run specific checks or export data more effectively for you and the project.

Information takeoff allows you to extract quantities based on different criteria more easily. Share the information using your own customized Excel templates.

Share project information and collaborate seamlessly and reliably with Solibri’s BCF Live Connector.

Automate tasks such as running checks, exporting the found issues as BCF files and creating presentations to be run, for example, overnight, with Solibri Autorun.

Solibri Office – Complete. Coordinated. Proven quality.