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Our Software Development Team

Senior Software Developer

You will use your experience and talent to find solutions for difficult problems to ensure the product is a success.

QA & Technical Engineer

You will be the expert on research and development of BIM development division and will work on planning and executing the project requirements in close cooperation with the project owner, tech lead and software manager.

Junior Software Developer

Your expertise will help to build stable and well-structured applications which help engineers around the world, and which can be easily expanded in the future.

Our Sales & Marketing Team

Technical Specialist infrastructure

Provide technical product support and training for customers and prospects in software usage and broader implementation into the design workflows

Lumion 3D Rendering Specialist

Read and interpret architectural and structural drawings in order to accurately convert them into videos

Web Developer (WordPress & Typo3)

You will be the person who takes the role of building, developing, and maintaining our websites

Technical Sales Engineer

As a Technical Sales Engineers, you will work closely with sales team to assist on technical supporting and consulting; and you will be representative for the company to present the product and consult the user/ customer.

Content Creator

As content creator at GSI Group you research, analyze, and strategically plan content for our target audience

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