Precast Quick Tip #06: 

Modeling and detailing of precast column with foundation

In this video, we will guide you through the fascinating process of modeling and detailing a precast column with foundation.

Join us as we delve into the intricate steps of creating an architectural column and transforming it into a precast column with foundation. We will demonstrate how to modify the profile using advanced modeling tools, ensuring precise and accurate results.

Watch closely as we expertly place cast-in items within the column, strategically creating holes in the foundation for grouting purposes. These holes play a crucial role in ensuring the precast column and foundation are positioned correctly.

As we progress, we’ll showcase the generation of element plans or shop drawings, giving you insights into the professional workflow of this architectural practice. You’ll witness the seamless placement of reinforcements, utilizing our extensive library to enhance structural integrity.

One of the remarkable features we’ll showcase is how the drawings automatically adjust as we refresh the design. This ensures that any modifications made to the precast column or foundation are accurately reflected in the views, streamlining the entire process.

To add to the convenience, additional bars will be automatically added to the bar list as we refine the design, saving valuable time and effort. We’ll also demonstrate how to export the element plan in various formats, allowing for easy sharing and collaboration with project stakeholders.

Whether you’re an architectural enthusiast or a seasoned professional, this video provides valuable insights into the meticulous modeling and detailing process of a precast column with foundation. Join us and discover the artistry and technical expertise behind this essential architectural element.