Precast Quick Tip #05: 

Detailing of Precast Stair Using 2D Drawings

Welcome to Part 2 of our video series on detailing precast stairs using 2D drawings! In this video, we will be showing you the smart way to detail precast stairs using 2D drawings.

First, we will open the 2D drawing for reference, then use the smart stair converter to model the stair. The converter automatically detects the profile of the stair reference, making it easy to modify the cut-out from the smart stair.

Next, we will convert the smart stair to a precast element, and place cast-in items or fixtures. We will also place reinforcement from the smart stair and from the library.

Finally, we will generate the shop drawing and export it directly to the folder. With this smart way of detailing precast stairs using 2D drawings, you can save time and produce accurate shop drawings. Don’t forget to like and subscribe for more informative videos on precast detailing!